Cosmetic Bonding

Veneers don’t always have to be the answer for small gaps or chipped teeth. Cosmetic bonding is a great choice to perfect your smile!

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What is cosmetic bonding

Cosmetic bonding can close small gaps, hide erosion spots and fix small chips. Most often it will not be necessary to reduce the structure of a tooth. With cosmetic bonding, you can recontour, re-enhance, and restore front teeth. We have many shades and hues to choose from for a life-like appearance.

What to Expect

1-2 hour appointment depending on how many teeth are involved

The first step in the process is to take photos so that our office can discuss your goals. We will assess the color and shape as well as possibly taking measurements of your teeth.

 If you desire we will administer anesthesia.  This is purely a patient choice and is not required. We want to create a natural transition of color between composites and natural teeth by using a combination of different bonding agents for a natural appearance. 

 The final step is to use a series of polishers to create a natural look. Be sure to take care eating, as you want to avoid breaking the composite filling, especially easy to do if the tooth broken was a front tooth.

 A night guard may be needed nightly if you lost a tooth due to grinding.

 As long as you take care of your commetic bondings, you can be sure that they will last for years to come. 


Final Result

Cosmetic Bonding will leave you with natural looking teeth. You will immediately feel more confident in your smile.  

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