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There are many reasons that a Porcelain Crown could be right for you. Large cavities, old root canals, appearances of discoloration and you didn’t choose a Veneer. How about that hard piece of candy that injured your tooth. Now is the time to get your tooth issues resolved with a crown.



What are porcelain crowns?

Crowns have become more popular with advance in the strength and appearance in repairing damaged teeth. When a tooth is damaged due to many reasons such as grinding, decay or a fracture it is sure to break with stress from daily use. This has become more prevalent since COVID. A porcelain crown is a good alternative by strengthening and providing complete coverage.

What does a porcelain crown do?

A Porcelain Crown is defined as a full-coverage restoration. It is performed on a tooth that is damaged to the point of no return and a traditional filling is no longer an option. A crown helps prevent future fractures of a tooth, improves the aesthetics, relieves pain from damage and when heavy grinding creates a structural problem with a tooth, a crown is your best option.  

What to Expect

The restoration of your damaged tooth will take two appointments.


During your first appointment the staff at Comfort Dental RI will prepare your tooth for your new Porcelain Crown. It can be a daunting experience, but is a common procedure for us, and we will have you out of the office in no time. Full local anesthesia is given so that we can prepare the tooth for your crown. Room will be made by grounding the tooth down to 1.5 to 2mm. 

 A 3d scan or impression of the tooth is then taken. A putty is used to create an exact replica for your new porcelain crown. We will achieve a look and feel to your natural tooth. 

Before you leave your first visit we will fit you with a temporary crown. It will be cemented in, but, during the next 2 weeks remember it is “temporary”.  You will want to avoid sticky and tough foods (such as steak) being chewed near the tooth we are treating. A crown can become dislodged, if this happens please try to replace it as fast as possible and call the office for an emergency visit. Without a temporary crown your gums are in danger of rolling over the prepared margins of the tooth. It also provides a barrier to avoid sensitivity of the exposed area. 



The second appointment should be quick and easy! We remove the second crown in order to fit your final Porcelain Crown. An xray will be taken to make sure we have a good fit and you approve of the look of your new “tooth”. An adhesive is used with cement to place the new crown in place. We take great care to clean up and remove any excess cement from the site. Before leaving we will send you home with all important instructions in order to take care of your new crown.

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