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Our easy, noninvasive appointments are done in about an hour.

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Hydrogen peroxide treatment in the office


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Why get a teeth whitening?

We all struggle at one point or another with stained or pigmented teeth. Daily habits can do a number on that dazzling smile. Whether it be coffee, wine, or smoking, we can help you regain your confident smile.

What to Expect

Before your 1 hour treatment, and after you’ve visited for an exam and cleaning we will ask you to brush with Sensodyne toothpaste for 1 week prior to the whitening. This step is important in relieving any sensitivity. At the office a hydrogen peroxide solution is applied to your teeth while avoiding the gums. This is performed 3 to 4 times in 15 minute intervals until we have the desired effect of brightening three-four levels on a shade guide.

Before leaving we will consult with you on what food and beverages to avoid for the next few days. Regardless of your sensitivity level, you may feel some discomfort and a relief gel will be applied to help. Sensodyne toothpaste can aid in helping the sensitivity as well as staying away from extreme temperature for one to two days.

Final Result

Here at Comfort Dental RI we use easy and non-invasive procedures to remove those stains that have built up through the years. Our appointment is easy and noninvasive and is done within an hour. You will leave feeling like a new person.

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