TMJ Therapy


Do you clench or grind your teeth during sleep? The answer is probably yes if you experience a tight jaw and pain radiating upwards when you wake up first thing in the morning. 



What is TMJ?

Temporal-mandibular joint, more commonly known as TMJ is a critical function of the jaw. If there are problems with this joint it could be indicative of other issues such as teeth misalignment, trauma or extreme tension in the muscles of the jaw. These problems can cause further discomfort with headaches, earaches, jaw popping and pain in the muscles of the jaw. The best treatment for TMJ is a nightguard. If you are experiencing things like cracked teeth, frequent headaches or sore neck or notice that you clench your jaw in your sleep please call us for an appointment to assess your needs.

What to Expect

Two Appointments

During your first appointment we will go over what problems you have been experiencing. It will be important to check your range of movement, feel for muscle tension around your jaw as well as checking for clicking and nerve asymmetry. There are many options as far as appliances that are used for TMJ. We will carefully assess what treatment is right for you. Once we have a plan we will take an impression of your teeth, to be sent out to build you an appliance that will last you for many years to come.

Your appliance will be ready and waiting for you at your second appointment. This is a quick and easy appointment where we teach you how to place and remove your new guard as well as important cleaning and care instructions.



Initial exam


Teeth impression to order your mouth guard


Second visit and fitting when the appliance is ready

Final Result

You will be sent home with a mouth guard and the knowledge of how to get the best results and provide you much-needed relief. If you are concerned or have any questions please feel free to contact us.


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