Porcelain Bridges


Some people are not able to get dental implants. A bridge could be a great treatment for you in these instances!



What is a porcelain bridge?

A bridge is designed to close the gap created by a lost tooth. It is a semi-permanent piece that is usually made of porcelain over metal. Bridges are a great replacement option for implants when a patient needs a different option.

Why would I need a porcelain bridge?

There are multiple reasons that a bridge is a good choice for you. They include complicated medical history that makes healing difficult, if the teeth beside the gap already have crowns and a defect in your jaw bone that makes more sense to use a bridge. It will take more than one appointment at our office to have your bridge custom fit and made for you. We want to ensure that it will last you for years to come.

What to Expect

Three Appointments

As with other appointments, anesthesia is the first step in the process for your new Bridge. It is imperative that the teeth on each side have identical line angels to make the placement of the bridge easy to insert. Once this is done we will make an impression of your teeth as well as a temporary bridge. Before you leave we will set up your next appointment for approximately two weeks.

At the second appointment, we will test out your new bridge as well as take an x-ray if necessary. In order to achieve a natural look, we will take photos and use a color guide to get the most life-like and natural look for your teeth.

Your third appointment should go quickly. We will insert the permanent bridge and make sure that it is functioning, comfortable, and looks natural. A second x-ray will be taken to make sure that the fit is just right. Once we are happy with the results the bridge will be placed over the teeth and we will clean up the area. Before you leave you will be given proper care instructions.



Three appointments


Digital (low-radiation) X-rays


Installation and fitting

Final Result

After your permanent bridge is installed, we will x-ray the bridge to ensure a proper fit. You will be sent home with a proper care instructions.  


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