Root Canals

We all fear the dreaded root canal.  But, fear not! You will feel like a new person, we promise!

What exactly is a root canal?

Root canals are vital in saving a severely infected or decayed tooth. We know how daunting the procedure can be, and the peace of mind of our patients is priority number one. There are pain management options that we address initially so that our patients are confident and relaxed about the procedure.

What symptoms indicate I may need a root canal?

Pain that appears regardless of whether you’re eating or drinking, pain that wakes you in the middle of the night, worsening tooth pain with pressure, change in appearance of tooth, recurring swelling and tenderness of the gums and extreme sensitivity to cold and heat. Please do not ignore any of these signs as it could lead to increased pain or abscessed tooth. Please contact our office immediately if you are experiencing any of these symptoms.

What to Expect


A root canal is a one visit appointment for most patients. We begin by administering local anesthesia to the area. We perform the procedure and then recommend a crown to protect the tooth from further fracture. You will be sent home with instructions for care and we ask if you have any questions to not hesitate to contact us at Comfort Dental RI.

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